RFID vs. Barcodes Comparison


RFID vs. Barcodes Comparison

RFID systems & barcodes are the same and in that both of them are data extraction technologies, which means that they automatically activate the process of data collection. But, they as well vary notably in numerous areas. While this differentiation fund amentally aims on the benefits of RFID systems over barcodes, RFID will not replace completely the barcode system. Barcodes provides some benefits over RFID systems, most significantly their less-exorbitant price.

Comparison data
• RFID system is about 15-20 times much faster than the manual & barcode processes used for recording IT assets.
• Some Firms encounter a 95% time decrease using RFID system.The No. 1 RFID application being used is the tracking of IT asset.




Lines of site

Not required in most cases


Read span


Passive Ultra-high frequency RFID: 
   – Up to 40 ft (fixed readers) 
   – Up to 20 ft (portable readers) 

Active RFID: 
   – Up to 100’s of feet or even more

Several inches up to several feet

Read rate

10’s, 100’s or 1000’s simultaneously

One at a time


Can uniquely recognize each product tagged.

Most of the barcodes only recognize the kind of product but not in a unique manner.

Read or write

Numerous RFID tags are read or write

Read only


RF (Radio Frequency)



Similar to the TSA, some RFID frequencies do not like liquids & metals. They can infer with some of the RF Frequencies.

Blocked barcodes can’t be read such as torn barcode, dirt covering barcode.


Most “fixed” readers do
not need an involvement of human being to gather data (automated)

Most barcode scanners need a human being to work on.