RFID Application

How can RFID help?


  • Used for systematizing inventory and tracking of assets in various sectors such as retail, business, manufacturing and healthcare.
  • Identifies the authentication of products and allowing the intelligent recall of faulty or hazardous items like defective toys, expired medicines and contaminated food.
  • Stops from the use of forged products in supply chain.
  • Makes shopping easier for buyers by letting them know about the availability and non-availability of items.
  • Provides reflectivity in the supply chain side, brings more proficient distribution channel and reduction in business expenditures.
  • Decreases the risks of theft or inaccurate accounting of merchandise.
  • Improves national security through more safe way of cargo checking at ports.
  • Easily lock, unlock and set up electronic devices.
  • Permits access control of selected devices or areas.

Whatever use you have, RFID works to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, improves traceability and asset visibility, ensures in moving towards more automated system than manual processes, reduces business costs and provides important information for business analytics for decision making.