Our company has achieved the following milestones in the recent years of services, consisting of track records such as:

  1. Shipment of exercise equipment to and from India, Thailand and Australia, categorized as Comms Equipment and Dangerous Cargo.
  2. Shipment of currency of Singapore, highly classified cargo.
  3. Shipment of 120 manpower, 30,000 goodie bags and trucks to Chingay from 2013 to 2014 for main event.
  4. Logistic support for Chinday in 2015.
  5. Shifting of camp to Amoy Quee from Selerang including CommsEquipment.
  6. A 10 months contract for supplying manpower to Suntex Convention Centre.
  7. Supplying 900 trucks and 200 manpower to ITE Central during relocation in 2012.