Defence Logistics

Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Central Band's overseas performance in Norfolk, Virginia, United States (US)

AS-1 logistics has successfully helped MINDEF (The Ministry of Defence) in many Training and Logistics Requirements. Listed are some of the fields that we have participated in:


  • The successful movement, transport and shipment of cargoes from a wide range of countries via air and sea freight from Australia, Thailand, Qatar, Russia, Taiwan, Malaysia to name a few.


  • Shipment, management and handling of dangerous cargoes, that is a variety of ammunition, weaponry among others to various countries globally for training purposes.


Camp Shifting for Military & DSTA (Defence Science and Technology Agency):
We provide the facility of camp shifts, like your general office shifting and moving and in that very process provide the service of site surveys, planning, and scheduling, calculating and managing human capital requirements as well as of the equipment.
We take necessary precautions and thorough check on the above list to ensure that the shift causes minimum disruption and no damages and that the process is perfect and smoothly conducted.


Local Transportation for Dangerous Goods and weapons with Armed Escort (Explosive):
We help to carry and ship and dangerous goods (ammunition, etc) and different weaponry for Armed Forces for international and far fledged trainings. All the movement and shipment requires special security clearance and permits from the service providers, and we have the approval to conduct the activity, and all this activity involves heavy weapons, hence, armed escorts are required as per necessary cases.

We make the arrangements of all the land, air and sea transportation to ship from Singapore to the said designation by the Armed Forces and to commune back with the goods once the task is completed.