Component of RFID

RFID structures is made up of the components below:



Chip tags is made up of a coupling element which is an antenna& a microchip. Majority of tags are only energized when they aresurrounded by the interrogation section of the interrogator component. This component can be either be programmed during production or, at inflatedcost&complexity, or both of them. Chip tags has memory. The tag sizeis determinedby the antennasize, which increases thearea of tag &reduces with frequencyas well.



Interrogator being determined by the technology used&the application, a number of interrogators do not read only, but can casually write to the tags as well. For most tags that are of low cost, the ability to energize this tag microchip is distributed by the reader via a component called tag antenna when this tag is within the reader’s interrogation zone, like the timing pulse.



This component is the required interface between the existing databases of a Company,data management software&interrogator.